Membership to the Artist Collective

How to proceed with a request and information on fees and expenses

Your personal NFT exhibition space!

Create your own NFT gallery within "Galleria Blu Toscana" and become a part of our exclusive community of artists and collectors! With your personal gallery, you'll have the opportunity to showcase and sell your digital artworks without worrying about administrative and technological aspects. Don't miss the chance to grow your artistic career and be a part of the expanding NFT world. Join us today and discover how your NFT gallery can bring you success and visibility!

Do you want to exhibit in the gallery ?

Do you want to exhibit your works in Galleria Blu Toscana?

Then don't waste time and immediately send your membership request via EMAIL.

To ensure orderly and confusion-free management, Galleria Blu Toscana will only accept membership requests received through these channel.

To ensure that artists receive the proper recognition for their talent, we only apply a 30% commission on the sale of each NFT. In addition, future royalties will be subject to the same 30% commission.

The commission percentage covers the technical and fiscal management costs of Galleria Blu Toscana, ensuring that artists can focus on creating works of art without worrying about the technical and bureaucratic aspects.

To create your gallery with customized graphics and logo, we only ask for an initial contribution of 25€. There are no hidden future costs. We are convinced that this is the best way to support artists and promote art.

The artist will have the opportunity to choose how to receive their share of revenues and royalties through various methods, including PayPal, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

Don't miss the opportunity to make your works known to a wide audience and immediately send your membership request! We are sure that together we can achieve great things.

membership request
The following information must be included in the message :
  • Name, surname and/or artistic name
  • Brief biography
  • Attach/send at least 3 works
  • Social media link or portfolio (optional)
We will prepare a response within seven days, the time for evaluating works and the company's availability.