For Artists!

Welcome to Galleria Blu Toscana! We are pleased to introduce our new website which offers all artists, both professionals and emerging, the opportunity to exhibit and sell their work on our NFT gallery.

We created this online space thinking of all those talents who, due to a lack of technical knowledge or simply lack of time, do not have the opportunity to fully exploit all the opportunities offered by the digital world. For this reason, our team will take care of uploading and promoting the material of the artists who decide to trust us, offering them a complete and personalized service.

With Galleria Blu Toscana you will have the opportunity to reach a wide and international audience, making your works known to an ever-increasing number of art enthusiasts. Don't miss this opportunity: become part of our community and give life to your artistic career!
personal NFT exhibition with contract
the highest percentage of the sale going to the artist
additional services & tax management

The Web 3.0 is an opportunity for traditional artists too!

Introduce your art into the marketplace of the future!


On Galleria Blu Toscana you can find a selection of original works created by talented artists. We guarantee the uniqueness of our works and provide regular contractual documentation to ensure their authenticity.

If you are looking for quality artworks for your collection, we are sure you will find what you are looking for on our platform. Once you have made the purchase, if you wish, we will put the buyer in direct contact with the author of the work, allowing you to come into contact with the artistic world in an even more direct and personal way.

Don't miss the opportunity to enrich your collection with unique and original works: visit Galleria Blu Toscana now!

We are Tuscans ...

The Blu Toscana Gallery was founded by Tuscan artists who want to promote the works of their colleagues through the world of NFTs. Despite its regional roots, the gallery is open to artists from all over the world, offering a platform to showcase their digital works.

Tuscany has a long history of artistic production, and the Renaissance was a particularly important period for the region. The Blu Toscana Gallery wants to honor this legacy in this new technological renaissance, promoting contemporary art in an innovative way through NFTs. We also hope to organize physical events and exhibitions to celebrate art in our region and share it with the world.

We welcome all artists and art enthusiasts, hoping that the Blu Toscana Gallery will become a reference point for those who want to explore the world of NFTs and discover new digital artworks.

"Collectibles" Toscana Artist

Attention! We have a unbeatable opportunity for art and collectibles enthusiasts! We are pleased to announce that our exclusive, limited edition NFT collectible cards featuring our talented artists will soon be available at the unbeatable price of just 20€ each. Not only will you have the opportunity to add a unique, authentic piece to your collection, but you will also have the chance to support our emerging artists. Don't miss the opportunity to own a valuable piece of digital art that will only increase in value over time.